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Classy Themed Bedroom Design With Travel Inspirations


Classy Themed Bedroom Design With Travel Inspirations – Many things can come and give the inspiration for the designer to create anything. The personality and hobby of the owner can also help the designer to make the perfect architecture for their client. The same way is used by Viz Art in making this awesome bedroom design. Because the owner of this bedroom is a man with the traveling as his hobby, they finally create this travel themed bedroom with the masculine look to represent the personality of the owner.

travel themed bedroom home office

This bedroom is created with the super warm atmosphere from the wood material. The wood is used in many places beginning from the roof, walls, and floor. All of these wood accents can transform into a high class bedroom with the modern look. Very minimalist without too many accents. That brown look has been combined with the white color in some spots such as roof and bed.

They use a simple modern bed to bring the modern look into this themed bedroom. Combined with the white curtain that covers the window and a big white painting with the travel theme above the bed, this bedroom seems super stylish. You will also find the hanging boat souvenirs in the other side of the wall. All of them can be combined well and create the coziness and a comfortable area.

Actually, this bedroom consist two different areas. The sleeping area with the bed and the working area in the other side that divided by the wall. The working area consists of the desk, seat, and a super comfortable white sofa near the wall. The working area comes with the same theme with the map wallpaper behind the desk to show the travel theme.

Both of these spaces are created with the perfect lighting. You will love the lamp shape on the roof. Very adorable! I think this travel themed bedroom decor gets A plus from me.

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